Enough about me, now let´s talk about me

What if ideology, after all, were vitally necessary? What if we need it to persuade ourselves that we are political agents capable of acting autonomously? Marxist theory may be aware that the individual  has no great degree of unity or autonomy, or even reality; but individuals themselves must come to trust that they have, if they are to act effectively. For Althusser, it is the task of socialist ideology to secure this saving illusion. For Freud, much the same is true of the ego, which is actually no more than an offshoot of the uncounscious, but which is so organized as to regard the whole world as centred on itself. The ego treats itself as a coherent, independent entity, which psychoanalysis knows to be an illusion; but it is a salutary illusion all the same, without which we would be unable to operate.

It seems, then, that far from speaking of the meaning of life, we might be faced with a choice between meaning and life. What if the truth were destructive of human existence? What if it were an annihilating Dionysian force, as the early Nietzsche considered; a rapacious Will, as in Schopenhauer´s sombre speculations; or a devouring, ruthlessly impersonal desire, as for Freud? For the psychoanalytical thinker Jacques Lacan, the human subject can either “mean” or “be”, but it cannot do both together. Once we enter into language, and thus into our humanity, what one might call the “truth of the subject”, its being-as-such, is divided up into an unending chain of partial meanings. We attain meaning only at the price of a loss of being.

Terry Eagleton [The Meaning of Life]


4 Respostas to “Enough about me, now let´s talk about me”

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